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Organizing Baby/Toddler Items: Kitchen Bins

Staying organized is sometimes the bain of my existence. Everytime I organize something I feel like things get messed up, and then I am back to reorganizing it again! It doesn’t help having a toddler around! My favorite saying from … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Sometimes you just have to let go. What do I mean exactly? Well, more specifically, sometimes you just have to close your mouth, bite your tongue, relax, and let your child/children be off their routine, eat that cookie after they … Continue reading

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And the honorable mentions go to…(Part II of Top 10 Favorite Baby Items)

And here are the runners up, because I just couldn’t leave them off My Top 10 list completely!  When I first drafted the Top 10 post some of the below were in that list, only to be replaced by other more … Continue reading

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My Top Ten

Here are my top ten, couldn’t live without them, wish I could give them to all my friends having babies, make life easier items, in no particular order: 1. Nose Frieda – I resisted this one at first; just the … Continue reading

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Organic vs Affordable

I hate having to make decisions about organic or affordable, and this is often the case when buying products for my family. When it comes to produce and other food products, I feel fortunate that my family is able to … Continue reading

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