Two of Everything!

When I say two of everything I am not necessarily referring to the need for two of everything because I have two girls (although I am sure that point will come!), but rather an organizational idea I use for stocking my diaper bag! I try my best to be prepared for whatever might come our way when traveling with two little ones, and the only way to do this and not have to consult with a packing list each time I leave the house, is to have two of the essential items I would need for the girls (especially my infant, Jolie) – one in my diaper bag, and one readily accessible at home. Besides the obvious items you need for a diaper bag, I have the following items in my diaper bag at all times (just in case): sunscreen, nail clippers, nose sucker, diaper cream, calendula lotion (great for scrapes or other skin irritations), baby sun hat, a warm cap, extra pacifier, small thermometer, stain remover stick, boogie wipes, and bandaids (toddlers fall a lot!). I know none of this is rocket science, but I thought I would share, as I learned the hard way not having some of these items on hand. And you are probably wondering how large my diaper bag is – well, to be honest, it isn’t small, but it is not the size of an large carry on bag, close, but not quite. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I should also mention that in the trunk of my car I have an extra diapers, a set of clothes for both kids(including socks), and a black top for myself. Yes, learned the importance of carrying a change of clothes for myself one day when I got spit-up all down the front of my shirt and wasn’t about to spend the rest of the afternoon walking around looking like I had trouble eating my lunch. Good thing I was at the mall (yes, nursing in Nordstrom’s mother’s lounge. Another reason to love Nordstrom). ๐Ÿ™‚ย What just in case items do you have on hand in your diaper bag?

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