Baby Poop! Why are we moms obsessed with it?

I got a text from one of my friends today about her son, who recently started solid foods, being constipated. She wanted some advice about what worked for me when my daughter went through the same thing; hence the motivation to write this post today. I didn’t think I would get to it for awhile, yet after remembering what I had gone through I had the drive to get it written! Once you become a mom, you have conversations, excitements, and celebrations about poop you never thought possible! I can’t recall the number of times my husband and I greeted each other with, “She had a poopy diaper!”, which provided us much relief after episodes of constipation.  I think my daughter Allison could go down in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most days without a poop – once she went 16 days without one! (Yes, we tried everything short of a baby laxative, and had several phone conversations with the doctor, who kept reassuring me that unless she showed signs of pain or discomfort, and was in good spirits, not to worry!  We did worry somewhat, but like the saying goes, in time, this too shall pass, and boy, it did!) After that incident, which was most likely caused by starting solids, in particular,  organic rice cereal, we switched to organic baby oatmeal with probiotics. Oatmeal is more easily digested, and the probiotics helped too. In addition to changing cereals we also introduced pureed prunes, and not a breakfast was had without them until she was over a year old. Prunes kept things regular, and every so often she would still have a lapse of days before pooping. My doctor also gave me a good tip –  fruits that start with the letter “p”, like peaches, prunes, and pears, are good to combat constipation, contrary to what I thought, apples and bananas can actually sometimes contribute to constipation in babies. I remember even before I started solids with my oldest, there were times when she would go a good number of days without pooping; and both my mother and husband reminded me of this when Jolie, my youngest had a similar situation a few months ago. A baby’s digestive system is immature at birth, and it often takes awhile to develop. As long as there are consistent wet diapers, don’t worry as much, especially before introducing solid foods. Yet I would still contact your child’s pediatrician and get their advice. I hope to avoid a two week poopy hiatus with Jolie, so in the next few months when I begin offering solids to her, I plan to go straight to organic probiotic oatmeal! Although I might not even start with cereal first this time. Cereal is important, especially because of the added iron, and low allergy potential, but maybe it will be the second food Jolie gets to try. Instead, I might just start with her sister’s favorite -a healthy, green, California grown, organic avocado!

For more poop stories, check out the potty training post  (when it gets written!);  I’ve got a story sure to make you laugh!

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