And the honorable mentions go to…(Part II of Top 10 Favorite Baby Items)

And here are the runners up, because I just couldn’t leave them off My Top 10 list completely!  When I first drafted the Top 10 post some of the below were in that list, only to be replaced by other more crucial items.  Yet these were other items also handy to have. I almost had to make it a top 19, and now in retrospect, should have just done a Top 20! 🙂 At any rate, these next 9 items are pretty darn amazing too!

Tiny Love mobile – any mobile that is engaging and nearly hypnotizing is sure to provide you with some hands free time, and the opportunity to engage your baby in something fun to stare at! Both girls were happy staring at it for at least 15 minutes – enough time to take a shower!

Medela Micro-Steam Bags – handy to have for sanitizing bottles, pump parts and pacifiers, and  they store so easily! Good for up to 20 uses, and the bag even has check boxes to help keep track of how many times you already have used it.

Beaba spoons – best size spoon for adult hands, but a baby mouth! And, they are made  of silicon, not plastic, so dishwasher safe!

Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs – these are handy for any babies who are spitters, as both my girls are. The bibs are very big and absorbent for spit up, and shaped nicely for your shoulder. The other big plus about these is they have a snap so you can wrap them around your little one like a bib for when they spew!

Boppy pillow – when you begin nursing it is handy to help position the baby and make your arms comfortable, although if you have a newborn who is really small, or are having a hard time getting breastfeeding established, My Brest Friend pillow is better – as it can be strapped onto you at any height and is flat so the baby doesn’t roll in towards you, but stays more on their side. The Boppy on the other hand, also converts to a nice pillow to use around the baby for support when they begin sitting or want to be more upright. I had two Boppy pillows given to me, and at first thought I didn’t need the second, but I have to admit, it came  in handy to have one in the bedroom for nursing there and then one in the living room for other times. Now, I don’t have a big house, but it was just one less thing to have to take back and forth! 🙂 So, not really necessary, but if you have someone offer one to borrow, it might not be bad to have a second one.

Pateem Pad – this is by far the best changing pad you’ll come across! It was hard not to put it in the top 10, but while it wasn’t something there weren’t other options for, it is just the best of its kind.  For one, it is so stylish, you might actually want to change that poopy diaper (well, maybe not completely!). Second, it is so handy for those public restroom changing stationsbecause of its circular shape, it covers much more area on those tables. And lastly, its so handy because it is bordered by pockets, so you can store wipes, diapers, baggies, even possibly a change of clothes, all in one handy pouch. So depending on what you are doing, you might only need your pad with you to leave the house for your walk or trip to the park! I love that it was invented by a woman in San Francisco. Check out their Facebook page for deals every so often. For how amazing it is, it doesn’t have the most amazing price tag.

Boon Grass – such a great alternative to the standard baby bottle drying rack! It is handy for bottles, as well as all the other pieces and small parts that come with baby feeding items, and pump parts too! (And I might add it looks fun too!) More recently you can even purchase flowers and trees to insert on the grass which hold nipples and pacifiers to dry very nicely!

Munchkin Snack Catchers – now I didn’t really appreciate these handy snack cups until I had a toddler who could feed herself! When we needed to make a trip the mall, or I needed her to be happy in the stroller for a longer stretch of time, I needed reinforcements. This came in the form of food, and with a toddler, they have the ability to feed themselves and hopefully be occupied for a little longer than usual. These cups have a (semi) spill-proof lid allowing the little ones to reach in to grab snacks, but then it prevents the snack from ending up all over the floor. Word of wisdom – don’t put a food item that has a coating/seasoning, as it will leak through the holes in the lid or maybe melt, but goldfish, raisins, even firm tofu (with older toddlers) are good items!

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank – another item I probably could have included in the Top 10! This tank turns any shirt into a nursing tank! I mentioned it in one of my posts on breastfeeding in public. It is simply a tank without straps, and has hooks that attach to your nursing bra, so you can wear it under ANY shirt, just like a camisole. When you need to lift your shirt to nurse, voila, you have this tank underneath for added coverage. I always hated how my back was exposed when nursing (even when using my nursing cover).  I have 4 different colors to rotate through, and I have not needed to buy any extra clothing for nursing. (Although I do have a nursing tank too that I enjoy using for sleep ware, for its added support!)

Now that I have extended my “must have” list, I know there are plenty of things I forgot. But I must stop at the expense of sounding too materialistic. 🙂 What are some favorites of yours that you couldn’t do without?

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