Organizing Baby/Toddler Items: Kitchen Bins

Staying organized is sometimes the bain of my existence. Everytime I organize something I feel like things get messed up, and then I am back to reorganizing it again! It doesn’t help having a toddler around! My favorite saying from those ecards you see on the internet is, “Cleaning with a toddler around is like brushing your teeth with an Oreo!” (I need to print that out and hang it up somewhere!) I love that sense of having everything in its place, yet this rarely happens all the time!

I will try to remember to post periodically about some of my organizing methods. I am no super organizer and I’ll admit, most of the time I’m always picking up, but there are a few techniques I’ll share every so often. Techniques that are easy to keep on top of. One of my most recent creations are the kitchen bins for Alli’s and Jolie’s drink ware.  You know those colorful square bins that accompany many of the Target and Ikea shelves? I happened to have a few that were not in use, and they conveniently fit in the upper shelves in my kitchen! It was the perfect solution to finding a space for all of Alli’s sippy cups and their many parts, in one colored bin; as well as Jolie’s bottles and my pumping accessory in another colored bin. Oh, and a quick word on storing sippy cups—don’t store them with their lids/caps on. Although it does make it easier to find each part, you will find that the mildew smell will be hard to keep away if you keep the bottle/cup stored intact. I didn’t have the drawer space for all the little parts, and having two separate bins makes it easy to find the appropriate child’s bottle or cup!

I should also mention – finding the perfect sippy cup is nearly impossible, but I’ll save my rant on that for another post! 🙂


One bin for Jolie, one for Alli!
Inside the bins - they hold a lot!

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