Organizing Baby Clothes for Storage

clothing binWhen we found out we were having a second girl I was pretty excited to be able to reuse my oldest daughter’s darling little outfits, because you know, girls clothes are so much fun! Before we even got pregnant with our second were were saving out first child’s clothes either way. So I thought I was being so organized when I decided to put my first daughter’s apparel into the big 66 quart plastic storage bins as she outgrew each size. Well, only partially organized, as I am finding out as I dig through the bins to take out the cute outfits for my second daughter to re-wear. First off, it would be helpful if there was a standard sizing system for infant and toddler clothes. Some brands have a 0-3 month size, 3-6, 6-9 and so on. Whereas others are 0-6 months, and then others are just 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc. This makes deciding what to put in each bin tricky. So after having a 0-3 month bin with newborn and 3 month sized clothes, and then a 3-6 month bin with any clothes 3 months, 3-6 months, or 6 months, we realized it would be better to have a 3 month bin with anything for the first 3 months, including 3-6 month sizes, then the next bin was the 6 month bin with anything 6 months or 6-9 months. This made it easier to sort through and choose clothes that my second child could possibly wear before she outgrew them. If I didn’t confuse you enough with all those numbers! They grow so fast in the beginning of life. We thought we had figured out the best system doing so, and then we misplaced a bin! Recently I was going through my youngest’s closet and getting rid of all the 3-6 month sizes and replacing that with 6 and 6-9 month sizes. I was noticing she was missing a lot of long sleeve onesies and pants for the coming season. I knew my oldest hadn’t gotten too many outfits dirty to the point of no return, but thought I had searched through all our bins. So I got a few more items during some Black Friday deals, and then as I went to put away our daughters outgrown clothes, we found another 9 month bin, that in actuality also had 6-9 month sizes AND all those long sleeves and pants I had wondered about! We needed a new system so that we wouldn’t loose another bin, or get to a bin filled with clothes that my youngest could have worn if we had found them in time. Enter the month/season markings for bins. I unpacked all the rest of my oldest daughters clothing bins from 9 months to 2T and reorganized, yet again. This time, paying attention to not only size, but season when the items might be worn. Especially since as the sizes increase, so too does the length of time the size fits. Going forward we now have the 9-12 fall/winter bin, the 12-18 month spring/summer bin, the 18-24 month fall/winter bin, and the 24 month/2T spring/summer bin. So when you have those clothes that you are not sure if it should be in a 12-18 month bin, an 18 month bin, or an 18-24 month bin, you can divide it by size and season. If an item might fit better in a certain seasonal bin, rather than a size, in it goes! If something is a little big, but right for the season, its better to have it in your little one’s closet, than in a bin! Why did I not think of this earlier! 🙂

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