Toddler Approved: Banana Bites

I am always on the hunt for healthy meals and snacks that my two year old daughter will eat willingly. She is a pretty good eater, so its not too difficult, but trying to vary what she eats gets tricky, as toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters.  New blogging idea of the day – as I invent or come across something healthy that I can get my daughter to eat, I thought I would share in a new series of toddler approved eats! First up, Banana Bites! This is a snack I adapted from something I had read about and tried a long time ago when my two year old was just turning one.  The best part of this snack, the added fiber and omega-3 nutrients it has!

It is simple to prepare. Slice a banana, spread peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice) on top of the slices, sprinkle a mixture of crushed graham cracker crumbs and ground flaxseed on top, and voila, delicious and good for your kiddos too! Here is a picture of my creation today (although I didn’t have graham crackers, I just thought of that after, and really, you don’t have to add them, just adds a touch of sweetness.)

Banana Bites =Yum!

Banana Bites =Yum!

I should also add that to get my daughter to not question that flax seed topping I called it healthy sprinkles, because they do look like sprinkles a little bit. She was convinced, and ate 8 of them!

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