Peanut, peanut butter!

Well, I did it. I gave my youngest peanut butter! With all the increased awareness of peanut allergies these days, I feel like we are so much more scared to introduce nuts, especially peanuts, to our children these days. I wonder what it was like when my mother wanted to give me peanut butter for the first time? Being a vegetarian, and raising our two daughters that way too, peanuts and other nuts are an excellent source of protein for us. ┬áMy oldest is, thankfully, not allergic to peanuts, and I was hoping the same for our little one. So what did I do to introduce it to her? I went about it the same way as I did with my other daughter. About a half-hour before her one-year doctors appointment I gave her some peanut butter and hoped for the best! And, if any reaction did occur, we were headed to the doctor anyway! And the good news….she was fine. I’m excited we can now all have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together! (And if that wasn’t the case, we love almond butter too!)

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