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All the pregnancy reference books, handouts, and info from your doctor or hospital, give you a list of what to have to feel prepared to bring home your newborn; however I was never warned of what one needed to have on hand at home, post delivery, for me! I wish someone would have warned me (and I am sure my husband would have appreciated not having to make several trips to the drugstore to buy some of the soon-to-be mentioned items! You know it is true love when he will purchase two different kinds of pads because he wasn’t sure about their absorbency or size! ).  This list has a special place in my heart, and is probably the reason it is my first post. I write it up for all my friends about to become moms, have even helped shopped for these items, just about wanted to make a gift basket for their baby showers, but it wouldn’t get the same coos and awes that tiny socks and shoes do! So I refrain and instead, bless them with the knowledge for what they might need to be prepared to have. And if you don’t need all of these items, great, but I am always one to say better safe than sorry. So, in no particular order are my suggestions for making your recovery at home more manageable:                                   

  • Preparation H cream (sorry ladies, hemorrhoids are no fun, I even sat on a donut for the first few days at home! They have them in the hospital if you request it!)
  • Tux Pads (while we are on the subject; now I know why you can buy them in bulk at Costco!)
  • Puddle pads/Shucks – those blue bordered, white pads that people often put down when potty training a puppy. THey will have them at your bedside in the hospital, and on your bed, and there is usually a stack you might be able to take home. Do! You might want to put them on your bed when you get home, just to add protection.
  • inexpensive, comfy bikini/brief style underwear – you don’t want to get your Victoria’s Secret Pairs messy, and those thongs can be worn again in a few months
  • Bran Muffins/High Fiber Foods – not that you want to poop, but you have to keep your system regular, constipation is no match for perinatal stitches, sorry to be graphic
  • Colace (Stool Softener) if addition to the above mentioned; I was so scared to have to push anything else out of me for a long time!
  • A water bottle that is easy to open and close with one hand, to have handy while you breastfeed; sufficient  water consumption is key for milk production.
  • Ibuprofen – pain relievers, enough said!
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2 Responses to Bringing Home Mommy

  1. Linda says:

    Candice recommended this blog and I loved your top 10 and additional. I updated my registry based on what you provided, super helpful! =)

    As for other topics, anything you can provide on must-haves or don’t bother buying would be awesome. Also, anything on strollers is also helpful. Thanks!!!

    • QueenMommyBee says:

      Thanks, Linda! Glad you found the info helpful! I will try to address some of your questions in future posts. I am still in the process of adding posts (I have a long list of topics to cover!) and will try my best to get to them as soon as I can. As for strollers, but it also depends what you are looking for…so many options, because everyone has different priorities!

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