DIY Activity Clipboard for Travel

Our coloring clipboards!We took 5 road trips this summer, spending more than 35 hours in total, in the car, and it took me until the last trip to come up with this brilliant idea! Made we wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier…had to learn from the first 30 hours of travel first, I guess! 🙂 To keep my two and four year-olds busy in the car during each trip we had lots of activities, and some iPad time too, but a lot of the sit-in-a-car-seat play required a coloring tool and book or paper. My girls like to color, but you can only color for so long, so we had mix it up with the tools. Magna doodle, color-fun Magic markers, stickers, coloring books, water brush markers, etc, and they were all great, and provided about a half hour of “keeping them busy” each.  What I was realizing was they the really enjoyed just plain old coloring too, but I had to hand them the crayons, and they for sure were not staying in their laps very well. So I came up with this coloring clipboard idea. I’m sure its already on Pinterest, but I like to think I had something original. 😉

It is pretty simple to make and inexpensive too! Here is what you need: pocket clipboard, string, tape (I used green painters tape for the fun color), crayons (or markers), and paper. IMG_5519






I originally was going to get a standard clipboard but when I went to do that, I found these pocket clip boards which were even better, because you can store papers and the crayons inside!

Take the the string  and measure enough length that they can get the right angle to color but not too long! Tie the string around the crayons and cover the loop with tape for extra security that it will stay on the crayon.IMG_5521

Repeat with desired number of crayons. I did five because I feared too many would make a knotted mess and too little would limit their coloring choices. Then for tying the string to the clip board I chose two different ways, and haven’t decided which is better. For one I looped all the strings together and made one big knot on the top of clipboard, and for the second I tied each string individually on the metal part of the clipboard. Note sure at this point which I prefer. The single, large knot has a cleaner look to it, and I think gets a little less tangled, I think, so you can decide.

In the pocket part of the clipboard I put some coloring pages of their favorite characters, that were new and fun to them, but really you can just put plain white paper.


I also put some stickers in to add more fun! When they are all done coloring you can also store the crayons inside so they are less likely to get tangled. Now voila, you are done! It is nothing amazing, but it certainly was novel and fun for the girls on our ride. They enjoyed feeling important with their own special clipboards! I’m only planning to take out these boards for travel trips to keep their novelty.  My older daughter enjoyed it for about 45 minutes, my younger one, maybe 20, but hey, it was that much more time of quiet in the car! 🙂



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