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A little about me…

Me and my girls! They keep me busy, challenge me daily, and I love them with all my heart!

I’m Leah. Teacher, Mother, Wife. Five years ago I married the love of my life, and together we are growing our family, our honeycomb, so to speak, and filling it with love and laughter. We have two beautiful daughters. Our first, Allison, is a spirited, fun-loving, two-and-a-half-year-old toddler, and Jolie, our newest member, is an easy-going, bright-eyed, seven-month-old. I value the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and hope to instill those ideals in my children. We strive to be as “green” as we can within what is practical for our family, and try to live as organically as we can afford to. When I realized I would be growing a new life, and then nurturing it in the outside world, I felt compelled to provide my daughter with the cleanest, purest beginning and then continue to shield her from the hazards our world is filled with. My little bees are bound to be exposed to so much, and I would be filled with anxiety if I tried to protect them from everything; but my husband and I do our best to minimize the negatives when we can. Beyond the waking moments I spend with my daughters, I have 30 other little ones to nurture in a classroom setting. I teach second grade at a public school, part-time; and have been teaching for nearly ten years now. Much of what I learned as a teacher has been very applicable to my role as a parent! I enjoy being busy and creative, hosting a party, making a photo book, and spending time with those dear to me. I can’t accomplish all that without being savvy enough to figure out how to balance all life’s sticky details. It might sound a little crazy, but I have to feel I am being productive as much as possible throughout the day, hence my drive to multitask! I am excited for this blog to enrich my life in new ways!


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