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A little about the blog…

The motivation for starting this blog was the frequent requests from friends, asking how I had approached one parenting situation or another, what product I had used and enjoyed, or what book I had read and found useful; as well as my innate desire to help others. I so often found myself wishing I had the hindsight to know what I could have done better that would have made my life easier, or spending so much time researching the best and/or safest product available. I frequently searched for sources I could trust and rely on to tell me what I needed to know. I am also blessed to know so many wonderful individuals who have insights and resources which they value, and I often call on them for their expertise and guidance. I certainly can’t figure out parenting all on my own, and I appreciate being able to have these people in my life. It would have been nice if I could have found everything I needed to know in one place! Not that this blog will be all that for others, but for those who know me, they know I have done my research when making choices for my family, and that I value safe, organic, environmentally friendly options (and pursue such options when available and affordable). And for those who don’t know me – I aim not to persuade you, but to provide you with helpful knowledge to make the right choices for yourself. The world of child-rearing is filled with so many possibilities, so many options, and rightly so; as there is really no one way to achieve something, and every child is different. This blog chronicles what worked well for my family, and what might work for you, and  make your life a little easier, so you don’t have to purchase the 20 different sippy cups I did, before learning that children eventually learn how to drink from one, and no, no cup is truly spill proof! 🙂 Some friends have told me that I make it all look easy, and I am flattered, because that is not my goal, but rather I strive to be able to live each day fulfilled by our family’s experiences, eager for the next, and reminded by the past.

Just as I have learned so much from the wonderful and intelligent people I surround myself with, the books I read, websites I visit, and my own Mom (of course!), I hope writing this blog and hearing about your experiences will teach me as well. I would love to learn from you, so please do leave comments or send me an email to share your thoughts!

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