Children’s Bookshelf

Besides many of the obvious favorites in children’s literature, here are some additional, maybe slightly less popular, books and authors we love! Currently this list is a composed of a lot of board books, which are more appropriate for babies and toddlers, due to their durability.  =)

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. LOVE this book about a girl and her lovey. This author uses real stories from his own life to inspire his books. Willems Don’t Let the Pidgeon series are funny too; ALL of his books are fabulous! This particular book is the first in a series of 3, and we love them all!

Olivia by Ian Falconer. Why my daughter has an obsession with the pig is beyond me, but I do see some personality similarities, so maybe that’s it! The illustrations are simply colored, and still grab a toddler’s attention!

What Does Baby Do? – Begin Smart Books. There are a few in this series, and my daughter loved them when she was just about a year old. Lift the flaps and bright illustrations are very enjoyable for little ones to read.

Blue Hat, Green Hat – Sandra Boyton. Another author with a large series of books we love! Great for babies and young toddlers! We have several of her collection!

My First Words: Let’s Get Talking by  Dawn Sirett, Jennifer Quasha, Susan Calver. Alli could spend nearly an hour just looking at the pictures in this book when she turned 1! It really was the first book she could read by herself; as it is all pictures, but she enjoyed studying each one.

Teeth Are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick. This book is actually part of a series of books to help address toddler behaviors that are less than ideal. When my oldest went through a biting phase we read this book every night, and several times throughout the day! Tails Are Not for Pulling is another good one in this collection.

Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli. This is one of our favorites from this author, but she has some other great ones too, like No No Yes Yes and her Potty book is great for potty training! The words are simple and illustrations cute. As a parent, I enjoy them because they are a quick read when you need one!



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