Apps for Children

Cookie Doodle – basically it is play dough and cooking in an app! Allison loves to “make” the cookies, roll them out and decorate them too! I’ll admit, I have lots of fun doing it too!

Baby Aquarium – My oldest used this from a very young age, just enjoying watching the fish float around the screen and as she grew and recognized colors and numbers, it has been a great teaching tool. There is a butterfly version as well!

Baby Rattle – great for young babies, as they touch the screen animals appear, making sounds, stars and swirls fill the screen; lots of sensory appeal for the youngest of the bunch

Squigglesfun coloring app, only available on the iPad though. Makes squiggly lines come to life, and all your little has to know how to do is move their finger around the screen. Great for toddler, and even fun for mom and dad!!/id498599631?mt=8

Endless ABCa great app to encourage children to learn their letters and sounds, and vocabulary too! Kinetically engaging as well. A word appears on the screen with letters to fill in, and once the letters are moved to the correct location, the word is read and defined!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhoodfor those of you with little ones who love Daniel Tiger, like my girls do, this is a great app! Children can play instruments, visit the doctor, learn about daily routine – including using the potty! Endless fun for young ones!



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