Apps for Parents

Toddler Lock App – we learned the hard way before finding this app. Basically, it allows your children to view your pictures and videos in a separate app so they can’t change or delete them; but the BEST thing about it, when you select a video to watch it automatically plays it over and over again!

The Good Guidewonderful resource to have when you go shopping! Scan the barcode on an item and if this item is in their data base it will provide you with a 1-10 rating score for how well the items scores for Health, Environment and Society. A nice feature is that it gives alternatives to the product you selected. Eye opening!

Fooducategreat to check out the food products you see in the store; is their truth to the claims that have on their label?

Mom Mapswonderful resource for any parent on the go! Find parks, indoor activities, restaurants when you are out and about, or traveling!

Sit or Squat: Restroom Findergreat for a pregnant mommy who needs a clean restroom, or when you are potty training!

Labor MateGREAT app for tracking and recording contractions! (If you have the sense to remember you have it on your phone once you start feeling them!) I used it for both my birthing experiences.

Positive Discipline Parenting Tools App – this app is based on the best selling work of Dr. Jane Nelsen, a guru in the field. I like this app because I can read it anytime and remind myself of the some of important strategies of the parenting philosophy – and so can my husband too!

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker App – nice app with a correlation to the book for your pregnancy. Follow your baby’s development week by week. It has a weekly blurb to explain what your baby and your body are doing during your respective week of pregnancy. Fun to read while waiting in line, and then read more details in the book later.

Life 360 – a very helpful app to find people in your family. It is similar to Find Friends, but has more safety components, such as locating emergencies services, the ability to send a message to check-in with your family members, and even a way to share an emergency alert. I might add, when my husband had his phone stolen it was able to locate where it might be – never found it, but did prove to us he hadn’t just lost it.

Skin Deep – from the creators of the Cosmetics Safety Database, it is essentially their site, but in mobile form. I am always concerned about the skin and health care products I use on my family, and this app is a lifesaver! I used to have to look everything up but now with the bar code scanner, it saves time, and I can do it on the go!

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