Helpful Web Resources

Below are a list of some valuable websites that I find helpful for parents.

Consumer Reports –  I grew up reading the magazines my mom had out on the coffee table, and now turn to this site when making important purchases for my family!

Skin Cosmetic Safety Database – this may scare you though! Once you look up some of the many  personal care products you use on a daily basis. I like to know what is in the products I put on my skin, and on my family, so I OFTEN do some background research here!

Environmental Working Group – reputable site for information about products and how they impact your health as well as the environment. Same organization that created the Skin Cosmetic Safety Database.

Organic Consumers Association – keeps up to date on the politics and the truth behind the organic industry.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – be one of the first to know if a product is recalled. Go to this site and get on their email list serve for products you would like to be notified about.

 Kelly Mom – a great site for breastfeeding resources. – I could spend hours on this site just exploring, reviewing products, and reading all the blog articles. It’s about as addicting as Pinterest, just barely.


For SF bay area folks:

Day One – great center for first time parents and through the first few years of life! I spent a lot of time here my first year as a parent! Free membership during pregnancy.

Parents Place – a wonderful parenting resource center;  also offers drop-in play, classes for parents and children.

Earth Baby Compostable Diaper Service – this the is the company we use for our diaper service. I love that I never have to make a run to the store to buy diapers, and how it allows me to feel slightly less guilty about diapering my children and the effect on the environment!


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